Beef Jerky Products For Sale

This is not your typical beef jerky. Our gourmet beef jerky products are made from premium cuts of beef and exotic meats that pack a high protein punch and seasoned to perfection with no added fillers. The gourmet beef jerky products for sale is not only delicious, it is also high in protein and low in sugar. This makes it the perfect snack food any time of day.

We have twelve varieties of beef jerky products for sale that is sure to satisfy any taste or craving. Choose from mouth watering flavors like habanero beef jerky, IPA beer beef jerky, whiskey beef jerky, teriyaki beef jerky and of course our original beef jerky, just to name a few. There is even bacon beef jerky that pairs well with your morning breakfast for a unique twist on bacon and eggs.

Exotic Jerky

In addition to traditional beef, we have a large selection of exotic jerky products for sale. Premium cuts of Ahi tuna, buffalo, venison, elk, rabbit, and even python are just a few of the many exotic meats you can enjoy. While our buffalo jerky, python jerky and elk jerky are popular in the Southwestern United States, our alligator jerky is the most popular selection in Florida.  Alligator offers much of the same flavor as gourmet beef jerky, but with less fat and sodium. Even individuals who are trying to watch their waste line can enjoy alligator jerky without feeling guilty. Also, the mild flavor of alligator jerky is a great choice for those who are indulging in exotic jerky for the first time. And seafood lovers will certainly enjoy our Ahi tuna jerky and salmon jerky.

Finding the Beef Jerky You Crave

Now that you are craving the taste of gourmet beef jerky, you are probably wondering where you can find some. The good news is that Florida Cracker Candy ships its beef and exotic jerky products throughout the United States. Order a few varieties online and share with your friends today.

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