Alligator Jerky For Sale In Florida

Alligator Jerky is fast becoming one of the most popular exotic snacks for sale in Florida. And, for good reason; alligator meat has fewer calories and less saturated fat when compared to commercially raised chicken, beef, and pork, according to the South Dakota Department of Health. While alligator is a white meat that tastes like chicken, our alligator jerky has a mildly spicy taste that satisfies both beef and chicken lovers alike. Plus, it is a high-quality protein similar to that found in lean meat.

Quality Alligator Jerky

While alligator jerky is available for sale online in Florida, consumers will want to make sure they are getting a quality product.  Many online producers combine alligator meat with beef, pork and other fillers. At Florida Cracker Candy our alligator jerky is made from 100 percent gator back-strap and tail. This is important because exotic jerky, including alligator, often contain more lean muscle tissue than beef. According to the USDA, a 3.5-ounce serving of alligator packs a punch with close to 46 grams of protein, and this is twice as much as the typical cut of beef.

Order Alligator Jerky Online

If you’re looking for Alligator jerky for sale in Florida, you can order it online directly from us, or you can visit us at one of the upcoming festivals in Central Florida. We attend shows in Daytona Beach, Orlando, DeLand, Ormond Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Jacksonville and Tampa Bay and will always have alligator jerky for sale at our booth. You will find a selection of our traditional beef jerky products as well as other exotic jerky. A list of upcoming local festivals and events are available on our website.

Whether you’re trying exotic jerky for the first time or an avid connoisseur, you’ll love the taste of our alligator jerky. For the best alligator jerky for sale in Florida, contact us at (386) 804-0447 or visit us online today!

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